Young Love


Well, it's January & with an ice storm behind us it seems like nicer weather will be in our forecast for a while....(fingers crossed ! )  With the sunnier days & cool evenings it's a great chance to bundle up & get out with your sweetheart for a date....outside !  What better place to have a romantic & fun date on a cool evening than at an outdoor ice rink ??  Skating around • hand-in-hand • cuddles to keep warm & to top it all off— PICTURES !  Yep, you read that right.  (I'm not talking about the typical Instagram selfies).


 After photographing an outing for The Mentoring Project at the Devon Ice Rink, I decided to "crash" a couple dates with impromptu photoshoots.  Creepy or cute ???  Well, I posed the "opportunity" to 3 couples & the result was amazing !  All 3 couples were totally game & easy to work with.  Not to mention — they were all ADORABLE !   The spontaneous nature of the shoots made the sweet • cute • young • love of the couples so fun to capture. <3  The individual shoots with the couples were full of smiles • blushing • laughter & kisses.  Thank you so much for letting me randomly take your pictures & I wish you guys the best ! 

COUPLES : CJ + Lexi | Jax + Sharlynn | Skye + Shawn