Tommy & Che | wedding |

oklahoma is known for its temperamental weather patterns & it didn’t change for Tommy+Che’s summer wedding.  the day started off sunny & warm as the bride + groom got ready for their evening wedding. however, as the time drew closer, the winds shifted, the clouds rolled in & the rain fell.  

did the bride+groom mind?  

did they let the weather rain on their parade?


in fact, Tommy+Che embraced the rain with grace and laughter.  it really started to pour right before the reception & instead of wanting to rush inside to avoid getting soaked…. the couple wanted to take photos like “the notebook.” –– absolutely!  it quickly became one of our favorite bride+groom shoots EVER.  family & friends of the couple didn’t even blink when we all showed up to the reception soaking wet & ready to dance.  it was one of the many things that made their wedding so much fun to be part of.

as their friends & photographers, we truly enjoyed every bit of their wedding day + wish them ALL the best in their marriage.