Eddie & Sarah | wedding

When two families from different places come together through marriage it basically becomes –– a huge party.  

That’s exactly how I would describe the wedding of Eddie+Sarah on 3.24.18.  There was a perfect mixture of both British & Mexican elements incorporated throughout the day.  Every detail of the day reflected their cultures in a beautifully blended way; from the sermon during the ceremony to the maracas at the send-off.  Feeling more like a family reunion than a wedding, the love & joy was felt by ALL.  

When we think back on the day & all the special moments -- it’s hard to pick a favorite.  So...we’re not going to! However, a couple moments did stand out.

–– the dancing.  Eddie+Sarah are no strangers to dancing so their first dance was a stunner.  On top of that, it seemed that everyone on BOTH sides of the family were excellent dancers so the dance floor was busy the whole evening.  Let’s just say, we were ready to sign up for lessons THAT NIGHT because it was so exciting.

–– the details.  The couple thought of everything when it came to making their wedding day a reflection of the two of them, their families, & the love they have for Jesus.  Little sentimental quotes + decor about their relationship could be found all over the venue. The food, drinks, send-off maracas, translations & more were representative of Eddie’s side of the family.  Little aspects of the ceremony added beautiful touches of Sarah’s side of the family & the sermon+prayers offered up throughout the day demonstrated their gratitude & reliance on Jesus to be the center of it all.

Ultimately, the wedding of Eddie+Sarah Martinez is going in the books as one of our favorite weddings of 2018. Wishing you two ALL THE BEST in your marriage. Cheers!

“What greater blessing to give thanks for at a family gathering than the family and the gathering.” – Robert Brault